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This set up guide will walk you through Step by Step how you can setup Staffbooks, integrate your accounting software, enter your existing staff and client details and test drive right through to running your payroll.

STEP 1 –  Complete your Company Profile

Complete the following actions to complete your company portal setting. Go To SYSTEM SETTINGS- COMPANY PROFILE

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STEP 2 – Complete your System Preferences

Review and complete the following steps to finalise your systems preferences. Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS- PREFERENCES to Configure your staff portal and review any settings while there.

  • If you are wanting to apply separate client – staff rates, you can activate it while here.
  • Create and add ALL of your custom attributes. Custom attributes are searchable via staff profiles and applied in custom forms and inductions.
  • Customise your email templates which are used when communicating with staff and clients.

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STEP 3 – Create your Induction

Complete the following steps to finalise your staff Inductions. DO NOT ACTIVATE at this Step. Go to TRAINING CENTRE – INDUCTIONS

  • Add a NEW induction – view more details
  • Edit, customise and preview your Inductions. You can also have multiple inductions

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STEP 4 – Add your Staff and Clients details

There are 2 ways you can add Staffbooks your staff and client details Staffbooks.



Firstly you will need to setup the Integration with your Accounting Software. You will need to contact support in order to get help with gathering security keys and other details to activate the integration. Once you have done that, Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS – ACCOUNTS INTEGRATION. Select your accounting package from the drop down menu and then enter your account name, username and password.





STEP 5 – Add your Pay Rates and Default Superfund

Setting up Pay Rates and a Default Superfund is vitally important to streamline the way information is passed through to your payroll software. NOTE:- Your payroll software will always be the master account

  • Login into your Accounting software and to setup or manage your payroll options
  • Create your “Pay Rates by going to EDIT ATTRIBUTES – PAY RATES. *Note -To PUSH / EXPORT timesheets into your payroll software, please make sure your “Pay Rates” in Staffbooks match your ‘Pay Rates’ in  your Accounting Software, otherwise you will not be able to PUSH pay runs through. We do have error checking which will highlight this.
  • Set up a Default Superfund if you want to give new staff the ability to select when updating their financial details on their profile or in their inductions. View more details


STEP 6 – Do I Test Run – Prepare you First Job, Timesheet and Pay Run

This step will have you prepared to add your first job and generate timesheets for a small test pay run.

  • Add your venues, which can be used when creating jobs and also displayed a a Google Map via the Staff App. View more details
  • Create you first TEST job/s, selecting a date in the past so a time sheets can be generated. View more details
  • Generate, adjust and submit a timesheet/s. View more details
  • Select timesheets, Batch Selected and then GO to PAYROLL / ACCOUNTS – Pay Runs
  • Add timesheets to pay run, then PUSH / EXPORT to payroll software


STEP 7 – Create a Client Invoice

If you are using the Client Invoicing feature, complete the following tasks. if not move to STEP 9.

  • Preview an invoice and then select GENERATE INVOICE
  • Email a test invoice to a client using your own email address
  • PUSH / EXPORT the invoice to you accounting software


STEP 8 – Final Tasks

Tasks to complete before going LIVE….

  • Create your roster / jobs for the next 2-4 weeks
  • Activate your Induction and select your targeted staff. View more details
  • Create and design your custom form for recruitment. Once you have completed this,  give the embed code to web developer to enter into you existing website. View more details
  • Review your launch Welcome Email to Staff, which can be used to introduce Staffbooks and provide staff with their username and password. View more details

You are now DONE and ready to GO LIVE.

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