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Venues are the location in which jobs take place. When creating jobs-shifts in the system you will be asked for the venue the job will take place in. Venues can be added 1 at a time or multiple venues can be added by importing your venues via a CSV file.

You can access the venue page by going to the “Edit Attributes” menu and selecting “Venues“.


To add a single venue click the “Add New Venue” button, this will open up a pop up window that will ask you the following:


  • Name – The name of the venue
  • Address – The street number and street name
  • Suburb -The suburb of the venue
  • Postcode – The postcode of the venue

If the above information is inputted correctly then your venue will automatically plot to a Google Map view.

When adding a venue you will also be asked for the location such as the city, state or region. Locations are preset in the system, these same locations are outputted under the locations tab in the staff profile section. Staff are able to choose which locations they can work in. When staff apply for shifts via their staff profiles shifts that are in locations that they can’t work in will be filtered out. When you create a job in the system and search for staff to work on a job the system will automatically filter out search results of staff that can’t work in the location that the job venue.


To learn more about managing your venues by watching the below training video


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