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New staff that are created in the system can be sent a welcome staff email that you can customise to suit your requirements. Welcome emails can be sent manually or set to auto send every time a new staff member is created.

Manually send a welcome staff email via the search staff page.

A range of staff communication is available to use via the search staff page, you can access the search staff page by going to the “Manage Staff” drop down  then selecting “Search Staff”. Perform a search using the available search fields to bring up your search results.  You can checkbox select staff you would like to contact and send them a welcome staff email by clicking the action tab and contact staff as per the below screen grab.



Selecting contact staff will bring up the contact staff module as displayed in the below screen grab. The contact staff module has a variety of functions available to you such as:

  • Select an email template you would like to send. There are a variety of pre-built email templates which can be edited and saved via the “System Settings” dropdown then selecting “Email Templates”
  • Send sample email will allow you to send a sample of the email you are creating to a nominated email address, enter an email address into the field provided and click the send button
  • Email Editor allows you to edit the content of the email
  • Select groups allows you to select a contact group to send the email to. Groups can be created via the “Edit Attributes” drop down menu and selecting “Groups” staff can be assigned to groups via their staff profile
  • Selected contacts or the email recipients will be displayed next to the send button, clicking “View Send List” will display all the email recipients with the possibility of removing unwanted recipients

To send a welcome email to selected staff or a group choose the “Welcome Staff Template” and hit the send button.


Automate the welcome send email

You can set the system to automatically send the welcome email each time a new staff member is created, to do this go to the “System Settings” drop down and select “Email Templates”. Once on the email templates page ensure the welcome email tab is selected, from here you can make amendments to the “Welcome Email” template




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