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You can build a customised induction process tailored to your business that your employees will be required to complete the next time they login or when a new staff member joins your business.

The new induction module will help you to:

  • Gather all your staff details in order to set them up in your payroll software, including bank details, TFN, ABN, Super details and more
  • Improve candidate searching and placement with 100% accurate staff profiles
  • Safeguard your company by ensuring all your employees have agreed to your company compliance requirements and provided you required documents such as Visa’s, RSA’s and other certifications

You can even create multiple induction processes that target your staff based on their location, skill set or the dates they work!


Create an induction

  • Navigate to ‘Training Centre” – “Inductions”. Click on “Create New Induction”
  • Enter a Name e.g. Standard Induction and click “Create Induction”
  • Add one step at a time to build out a logical process for your staff members.
    • In each step, you can determined what information is required to enter or update and then select ‘Done”
  • Once you have customised your steps, click the ‘Preview” button to view what the induction looks like from the perspective of your staff.
  • You can go back and edit and update an induction at anytime.

Activating an Induction

  • Navigate to “Training Centre” – “Induction” and select the induction you wish to activate
  • Click the “Settings” tab and change the status to “Activated”
  • Select an option for ‘Targeted Staff”. You also have the ability to select from a number of filter options to apply an induction too


Watch the below training video to see how to build an induction in StaffBooks.


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