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You can add custom employee attributes that are unique to your company by browsing to “Edit Attributes” “Custom Attributes”. Custom attributes will be displayed by viewing a staff profile under the “Custom Attributes” tab.

When you first go to the custom attributes page you may have none set up, to set up a custom attribute choose a form element that best suits the question you would like to ask. The different form elements include:

  • Text Input fields
  • Radio Buttons (Select one choice)
  • Check Boxes (Select multiple choices)
  • Drop Down Menu Select (Select one from a large list)
  • Drop Down Menu Select Multiple (Select many from a large list)
  • File Upload (Request a document from your employee)

Once you chose the question type drag it across to the box on the right, let go and the form element will be created. To edit the form element click on the text next to the form element (e.g for file upload click the word “File Button”). An edit pop up box will appear that will allow you to edit the contents of the question. The below video demonstrate a user adding some custom attributes.

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