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Sharing talent profiles is ideal for business that wish to share photos and other custom attributes e.g. age, eye colour and RSA certificates quickly and easily via email to their clients.

This feature allows you to:

  • Share staff profiles for clients to approve when booking a job
  • Easily share compliance documents to clients e.g. RSA certificates
  • Create and share using any ‘Custom Attribute’ set up in Staffbooks

Sending Staff Profiles

  • Navigate to ‘Manage Staff’ and CLICK on ‘Search Staff’
  • Use the Staff Attributes to filter your selection and then click ‘Search Staff’
  • Individually select staff or select all by ticking the box to the right of their photos
  • CLICK the ACTION button and select ‘ Send Staffbook’
  • Under the ‘Add Personal Details To View’ section, select the fields to include
  • Under the ‘Add Custom Attributes To View” section, add the attributes to view
  • Add a personal message to send to the client
  • PREVIEW the staff profile to the right hand side before sending
  • Select the client in the drop down box. Their email will auto populate. This can be changed to a different email address
  • Click on the ‘Envelope’ to send the email


Watch the below training video to see how to share staff profiles in Staffbooks.


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