Your Company Calendar

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Your company calendar can be found by browsing to “Manage Jobs” and selecting “Company Calendar”. Your company calendar will give you an overview of all the jobs you have booked for your company in the system. Jobs are represented by a colour with a number inside. The colour of the icon represents the status of the job (such as completed or unconfirmed). The number inside the coloured icon represents how many shifts are currently in the status. Read more »

Managing venues

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Venues are the location in which jobs take place. When creating jobs-shifts in the system you will be asked for the venue the job will take place in. Venues can be added 1 at a time or multiple venues can be added by importing your venues via a CSV file. Read more »

Managing uniforms

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Uniforms are the attire your staff is required to wear whilst performing a shift. You will be asked for the type of uniform required when you create jobs in the system. To create a uniform browse to the “Edit Attributes” menu and then select “Roles”.

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Manageing roles

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A role is the skill required for a staff member to perform on a shift. When you create a job you will be asked for the role the staff member is required to perform on the job. You can set roles that staff can work on via their personal profiles. The roles you set staff to work will effect what jobs they can apply for and what staff will appear when you search for staff by the role. Read more »