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Work confirmations emails can be configured to automatically send when ever a staff member is confirmed to work on a shift. The work confirmation email will send a single email with the details of the confirmed shift

By default automated work confirmation emails are turned off, you can turn the work confirmation automated email on by going to the “System Settings” and then selecting “Email Templates”. There will be a number of email templates available to configure to your own liking. Select the “Work Confirmation” tab to view the template. The contents of the email message can be changed via the editor although it is important to include the variable titled {ShiftInfo} as this will ensure the shift information is outputted correctly in the email.

To turn the work confirmation email on ensure the the “Auto Send” check box is ticked. When turned on the system will send the work confirmation email template every time a staff is set to confirmed on a job. See the below screen grab for further clarification.



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