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The set up wizard is available the first time you login to the system. The setup wizard is designed to guild you through the process of getting enough data into the system to be able to create your first job.
To create your first job you will need to have the following data in the system

  • Company profile – The information you enter in your company profile will output to various places such as your invoices and staff brief information sheet

  • Add staff – To complete creating a job you will require at least 1 staff member in the system

  • Add a client – To create a job will require at least 1 job so you can allocate the jobs to an entity

  • Add Pay rates – When you create your first job you will be required to allocate a pay rate.

  • Add venues – Venues are the location that a job will happen

  • Add roles – Roles are the task that the staff will be required to perform when working

  • Add uniforms – Uniforms are the dress attire staff will where when performing the work

  • Create Your first Job – Set up your first job by allocating the requirements of the job such as the venue it will take place in, the client the job is for, the role the staff will be required to perform, the uniform required, the rate of pay the staff will receive and the date and time the job will take place on

As each task gets completed a green tick will appear on that task to indicate it is finished. Clicking the task icon in the setup wizard will jump you to the page where you can complete that task.

When all tasks are completed the setup wizard will no longer show up when you login to your account.

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