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You can create new clients by going to the ” Manage Clients” drop down menu and selecting “Add Client”. On the “Add Client page you will have the choice of adding one client at a time manually using the “Add Client Form” or importing multiple clients using the “Import Clients” module.


Adding A Single Client

To add a single client requires a minimum of a company name, email address and password as indicated by the double red ** symbol. A client will access their client account by entering the email address you enter as their user name and the password you enter as their password. It is advisable that you enter as much information as possible into the client profile as this information will feed to other areas of the site such as automatically plotting to the client invoice when you generate a client invoice through the system.

Other fields available in the client profile include:

  • Company Name ** (Name of the client)
  • ABN (Clients ABN or ACN number)
  • Contact name (Primary contact name for the client)
  • Phone Number (Primary phone number used to contact the client)
  • Address (Primary address of the client)
  • Suburb (Primary suburb of the client)
  • City (Primary city the client resides in)
  • Postcode (Primary post code of the client)
  • State (Primary state the client resides in)
  • Country (Primary country the client resides in)
  • Email Address ** (Also used as the user name for the client to access their client account)
  • Password ** (The password the client will use for accessing their client account)
  • Account Status (Active or inactive)
  • External Client ID (Used to sync your system with another client management system you may use)

The client departments tab is initially disabled but will be active after the client is created.

When all your client information is entered hit the “Add Client” button.

Once a client account is created the client their unique profile will be searchable via the “Manage Clients” drop down “Search Client” and will also be able to have jobs assigned to them, access their personal client account and have invoices created and be included in all client and reporting functions.


Importing Clients

Multiple clients can be imported into the system via a .csv file. To access the import client function access the “Manage Clients” menu then select “Add Client”. On the “Add Client” page an import client tab can be found on the right of the screen.

On the import client page you will find a downloadable sample CSV file. This file can be opened in a program such as Microsoft Excel and edited to reflect your own client profile information. The minimum requirement for importing a client profile is a company name, company email. If other fields are left blank the data in the client profiles will also be blank.

When your CSV file is prepared and ready for import select the attach file button and browse to your file. After import the below screen will appear.




The import wizard allows you to line up the CSV columns with the system columns. The CSV columns are listed on the left with the system columns on the right. The column and the the first line of the CSV are displayed to ensure your import data looks correct before committing the import to the system. If you are happy to import click the “Verify Configuration” button.


The export wizard will perform data validation when importing to ensure it doesn’t pick up any incorrect data. Error checks are performed on relevant columns such as the “State Field” where it will look for a correctly formatted state such as “NSW” or “New South Wales”, if results other than the expected results are found then an error will appear. To review your errors click the download error report. The error report is downloaded as a text file explaining the errors found, the place the error appeared on the CSV and the expected result for that column. If you are happy to proceed with the import even with the errors you can proceed with the import by clicking the “Verify Configuration” button. It is advised you review the error report, make changes to your CSV file and re-import the file. If no errors are found you will receive a success message as displayed below at which time hitting the commit upload will upload and create the client accounts.





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