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Your company calendar can be found by browsing to “Manage Jobs” and selecting “Company Calendar”. Your company calendar will give you an overview of all the jobs you have booked for your company in the system. Jobs are represented by a colour with a number inside. The colour of the icon represents the status of the job (such as completed or unconfirmed). The number inside the coloured icon represents how many shifts are currently in the status. The coloured status icons on the calendar can be clicked which will take you to the details of the shifts. An overview of all shifts statuses and total amount of shifts for each status can be found above the calendar.

Your company calendar should be viewed regularly ensuring that each job in the past reaches a “Confirmed” status. The confirmed status indicates that the shift has taken place and the staff member has been confirmed to work on the shift. Time sheets will only generate for shifts that are confirmed so when you look into the past you should only see jobs that are confirmed (green) or completed (blue). The completed status is automatically triggered when a time sheet for the shift is generated.



You can filter out shifts you don’t want to view on the calendar by using the “Client” and “Location” filter options found on the top left of the calendar. By default all clients and all locations will be visible. Click on the down arrow to change your filter options.  The month you are viewing can be changed using the controls found at the top – middle of the calendar.




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