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Groups can be edited and changed under the “Edit Attributes” “Groups” menu. Groups can be used for grouping staff together that you may want to communicate with in bulk.

Creating a group and assigning staff to that group makes it easy to directly communicate or search for staff in that group.


It is possible to search for staff based on attributes like role, gender age and so on and communicate with them via email or SMS on the “Manage Staff” “Search Staff” page. Groups are normally created when simply searching for your staff based on the search attributes available isn’t possible.


To create a group go to “Edit Attributes” “Groups” via the menu. Click the “Add New Group” button and give your group a name. To assign staff to that group go to a staff profile and click the “Groups” tab. Your group will be displayed here and you can click the check-box next to the group to assign the staff to that group. When a staff is assigned to a group you will see the number change that indicates how many staff are currently assigned to the group. To remove a staff member from a group uncheck the check-box next to the group.




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