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You can create your own custom forms in the system by navigating to “System Settings” — “Form Builder”. You can create forms such as new employee application form and syndicate the form you create anywhere on the web.

The first step in creating a form is to give your form a name and then hit the “Create Form” button. On the configure form page you will be asked to input your form settings which include:

Email Forwarding
Enter an email address you would like to receive an automated email notification whenever someone has submitted the form.

Embed Code
This embed code can be pasted to any location on the web such as your website to embed the form into the page via an iframe.


Available Fields

The available fields mirror your staff profile fields including the custom fields you create via the “Edit Attributes” – “Custom Attributes” page. Each field or form option will have two tabs:

  • Active – Click to make active or inactive, is the active tab is green it will appear on your form
  • Required – Relates to if this field is mandatory to fill out in order to submit the form

Click the plus icon to expand the personal details and custom attributes options.


Responses gathered from the forms you create are available for review by navigating to “Manage Staff” — “Applicants” . All form responses will be listed here with the ability to review, reject approve as penning staff or approve as active staff.

Watch the below video to see how to use this new feature.



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