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This instruction guide will walk you through step 1 of creating a job. To create a job browse to “Manage Jobs” and select “Create Job”.

Step 1

You are presented with 2 separate choices being:

  • Job Scheduling – Best choice if you are creating many jobs in many different locations
  • Standard Roster – Best choice for creating a standard 7 day roster

The two methods of job creation are fairly similar with 1 key difference being the roster creation mode is set up to work with a Monday to Sunday 7 day layout where by you can duplicate an entire week of shifts.


Enter a “Campaign Name

This is your own personal identifier for the job campaign or roster. It is a good idea to come up with a logical naming convention so that you will be able to search and find your jobs by campaign name easily. Your campaign name must be unique in the system so including a date identifier in all your campaign names is a good way to ensure they are unique.


Enter a “Client” – Select the campaign the client is for. Each roster or job campaign you create can be for only 1 client.


Enter a “Client Department” – This field is not mandatory and can be left blank. Client departments can be created under the client profile and become relevant when you log into the system as the client. If a department is selected then the client will be able to filter view their jobs by department.


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