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Control what venues your clients can see via their client portal. Navigate to the “Manage Clients” — “Search Clients”, find the client you would like to edit and view their profile. A new tab will exist called “Venues” where you will be able to checkbox select the venues you would like to include — exclude from view of the client.

When a client logs into their client portal they will be able to create jobs. When a client creates a job they are asked a similar selection of questions to an administrator with one of the questions being what venue would you like the job to take place in, by default this will load all the venues you currently have in your system. You can control what venues will be accessible by following the below steps:


  • log in as an administrator and browse to “Manage Clients” – “Search Clients”
  • Find the client you would like to filter venues for by searching for their company name
  • View their full profile and then browse to the venues tab

All the venues you have in the system will appear under the venues tab with a check box next to each venue. If you would not like the client to be able to view a venue when logged into their account ensure that the venue is unchecked.

Watch the below video to see how to use this new feature.


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