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To access the search clients page select “Manage Clients” then “Search Clients”. The search clients page allows you to search for your clients by the company name or you can hit the “Search clients” button without entering a company name and all your clients in the system will be displayed. Search results will display with 1 client per line.

Search Results
Hitting the “Search clients” button will bring up your search results. Search results are displayed with 1 clients per line. The following information is showen for each clients:

  • Company Name
  • Jobs (The amount of job campaigns the client has in the system)
  • Jobs This Year (The amount of job campaigns the client has done this year)
  • Status
  • View (Click to view the full client profile)
  • Delete (Remove the client)

The search results can be sorted by clicking the  wherever they appear.

A checkbox is available to the far left of every clients profile that can checked to initiate actions found in the “Actions” menu. The “Actions” menu contains the following functions that can be performed to multiple clients at the same time:

  • Contact Clients (Contact the selected clients by email or SMS)
  • Delete Clients (Delete the selected client accounts)
  • Change Selected Status (Change the status of the selected clients)
  • Export the Selected (Export a CSV file of the selected clients)
  • Update Job Count (Update the job count data)

The lone check box sitting directly under the “Action” menu will select all the displayed clients results.

The “Update Job Count” button will run a script to update the job data found in the search results

Learn about “Adding Clients

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