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Splitting timesheets allows Australian businesses that are using awards, enterprise agreements and other unique pay rates for staff,  to apply a different pay rate during a shift. .

This feature allows you to:

  • Apply a different rate during a  shift per employee. This could include award rates, supervisor rates, overtime and more
  • Export or PUSH timesheets with different pay rates into your payroll software

Splitting a Timesheet

  • Navigate to ‘Payroll / Accounts’ – ‘Timesheets”
  • Find a timesheet by using the filters and CLICK ‘Search’
  • In the ‘Start-Finish’ column, CLICK on the ‘Scissor’ icon
  • Select the hour to start the split shift  e.g. 5pm, select the new staff pay rate (and client rate if applicable) and then CLICK the ‘TICK’ button
  • You can go back and edit and update at anytime prior to sending to your payroll software

Watch the below training video to see how to  spilt shifts in Staffbooks.